“On their eponymous debut, duende libre shatter preconceived notions of “global jazz fusion,” the eclectic power trio’s all-encompassing description of their sound. Boundless hybridity certainly comes to mind, shaped not only by the confluence of cultures within their music, but by the revelation that the trio is firmly rooted in the Pacific Northwest.”

— Lissette Corsa (Jazziz)


“Chadsey skillfully, imaginatively and (by-and-large) subtly mixes elements of electronica, rock, contemporary rock, contemporary composition and the occasional nod to noise music. And the other members of the trio: bassist Farko Dosumov and drummer Jeff “Bongo” Busch are quick to follow.”

— Raul da Gama of Latin Jazz Network in Toronto, Ontario (Canada)


“Duende Libre is an exciting debut record that displays a multi-faceted band willing to take chances and allow the music to take them where it will. What sets them apart from studio session players, is that they perform with a zest that comes from their cross-cultural associations. World music is street music, and it’s that element that sparks life into this release.”

— James Nadal (All About Jazz)

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Duende Libre

Keyboard player Alex Chadsey was fluent in jazz and classical forms. He’d walked the usual, rigorous path of a conservatory-style music education. Then he wound up in Seattle, University of Michigan music degree in hand, not sure of what to do. The answer: Play in salsa bands, perfect his montuno, and learn how music creates community.

Chadsey’s creative output changed dramatically, coming together in 2016 as a trio project duende libre. Their self-titled debut album (released May 5, 2017) distills years of performing, apprenticing with master musicians, and crafting originals that explore Latin elements in new contexts. The results are savvy and grooving, reflecting the Seattle scenes Chadsey inhabits and loves, where Uzbek bassists and Jamaican poets and border-crossing fandangos power musical visions.

An inspired power trio, duende libre features longtime collaborators Alex Chadsey (piano/keyboards/compositions), Farko Dosumov (electric bass & voice) and Jeff “Bongo” Busch (drums & percussion). They are frequently joined by electrifying vocalist, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Chava Mirel. duende libre utilizes the American jazz tradition as a point of departure for daring explorations of traditional and classical music from the Americas, Europe & Africa, yielding catchy melodies, lush harmonies, and wholehearted groove. Their second album is due out this coming Spring.

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