duende libre workshops

“Ponte el Rimto”

Who can resist a fun, energizing program about musical instruments! Bring the whole family to this program and be part of a hands-on, call-and-response rhythm and song workshop highlighting instruments from Cuba and Brazil. You’ll definitely get your exercise as you clap and dance along with the beat. Presented in Spanish and English.
All Ages & Abilities Welcome.


“Pa’ Gozar! Intro to Clave & Afro-Latin Rhythm”

In this workshop we explore the rich and varied rhythmic legacy from Brazil and the Caribbean through hands-on participation, call & response, and collective jamming. In particular we look at clave and how it informs the interlocking parts which give this music its powerful groove. Participants will leave with a deeper appreciation and understanding of what clave is and how they can utilize it in their own music. All Ages & Abilities Welcome.


“Hello Jazz!”

An inviting and fun introduction to American Jazz, past and present, this workshop highlights the music’s eclectic roots as well as the contributions of important African American innovators including Charlie Parker, Herbie Hancock, and Clark Terry. The emphasis is on participation, including call & response and a jam session at the end. This workshop is ideal for students K-12. No prior experience necessary.


“Beyond The Changes: Improvising Outside The Box”

Although many of us tend to associate improvisation with jazz-specific genres such as swing and bebop, in fact improvisation takes many forms. Drawing on the work of influential jazz artist and educator Ed Sarath, this workshop explores improvisation using “non-syntactic” elements such as space, ostinato and silence. The results can be deeply inspiring for advanced and beginning improvisers alike. All Ages & Abilities Welcome.